The health promoting benefits cardamom has to offer is immense and is known to ease stomach cramps,stimulate digestion,reduces gas and is a great breath freshner. The antioxidant activity produced in tea is said to be greater than 20 vegetables and fruits and research has shown that cardamom also has antioxidant properties and can restore healthy levels of glutathione.

Elachi chai has a thick and golden brown hue with an aromatic sweet taste with no trace of bitterness.


  • 1/2 cups water
  • 2/3rd cup milk (you can use skimmed milk)
  • 2-3 pods green cardamom seeds
  • 2 tsps sugar
  • 2 heaped tsps loose tea leaves(non-scented)

Bring water to boil in a stainless steel or non-stick pot. Add cardamom and tea leaves and simmer for a minute. Add milk, sugar and boil till desired colour is obtained.You will know when a lovely aroma is released. Dont boil too much as the tea will impart a bitter flavor. Cover and let it sit for a minute.Strain into cups while piping hot.This serves 2 cups of fragrant cardamom tea.

Note:The amount of milk and water can vary according to personal preference. If you want it more milky, increase the quantity of milk and lessen the water and if you want it less milky reduce milk and increase the quantity of water.

Serve with pakodas (fritters) or pastries

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Main Ingredients:

  1. tea leaves
  2. cardamom